What is your child's Personality Type?

Do you know the answers to these questions:

     Is your child a Thinker or a Feeler?   Are they Sensing or Intuitive?

     Is your child a Judger or a Perceiver?  Are they Extraverted or Intraverted?

Believe it or not, it does matter!  The answers to these questions can help you parent and teach. Click on the link to take a personality-type test and what it says about you or your child.

In the book "The Mysterious Benedict Society", all four personality types are depicted.  It's a great read!  It also shows how all four personality types need to work together and communicate.  It can be a challenge to parent children who are opposite Types as yourself but I can also tell you that it is equally as challenging to parent children when they are the exact personality type you are.  ____________________________________________

Some fun facts I learned while at a Conference presented by Jane Kise, Ed.D. called 'Parenting When the Apple Falls Far from the Tree' -

* An extravert's energy at the end of the day goes up!  Those of us who are introverts experience a decline of energy during the day. 

* 90% of identified Gifted and Talented children are identified as being 'Intuition' types vs. 'Sensing'.  Intuition types become authors, artists, musicians and teachers while Sensing types are in medicine, engineering, pilots and hands-on science.

* With examples in the medical field, 'Feelers' tend to go into professions that assist and help people such as: pediatrics, geriatrics, O.B., psychiatry, etc. as they decide with the heart.  "Thinkers' become the radiologists and surgeons as they decide with the head.

* Something to remember about 'Judging and Perceiving':  Judging types are NOT JUDGEMENTAL!  They like to come to judgements.  Perceivers are NOT more perceptive.  They like to get more perceptions or information.

Click http://www.personalitypage.com/ link to open resource.