Wolf Ridge Classes & Activities

Geo-CachingWe will use GPS units to “Geo-Cache,” while at Wolf Ridge.  This involves locating hidden “caches” or targets within the woods.  Students will discover these caches or targets and then report back once they are all located. 

Canoeing:  We will participate in day time and evening canoeing.  This will include a canoe skills class for students in 8th through 10th grade. 

Tree Tops Ropes: Wolf Ridge has two tree tops adventure ropes courses.  Each course offers a variety of challenges. 

Beginning and Competitive Orienteering: Wolf Ridge has a long tradition of teaching students the art of using a compass and map to navigate through the forest. This is an essential tool for anyone who ventures into the wild. Beginning orienteering is offered for students who have not practiced using a compass. Highly skilled students also have the option to race through Wolf Ridge's competitive orienteering course.  Take your pick and have fun!

Star Lab: Wolf Ridge has an dome star lab for evening stellar explorations.  This lab is sure to be a hit with kids. 
: We have a strong tradition of celebrating our time together with a campfire on the last night at Wolf Ridge. All students are welcome to perform skits, songs, poems, dances, or stories. Students can showcase their own talents or work in a larger group. Please bring your best ideas and any equipment or props you will need for your performance.

Camping: As in past years, high school students will continue to get away and explore nature during an evening of camping.  Night hiking, storytelling by a roaring fire, star watching, making a camp meal, and sleeping under the sky are experiences students will not forget. High school students will meet in Hopkins to plan their campfire meal.

Kayaking: Students in grades 10-12 will be offered kayaking.  Seniors will venture out to Lake Superior and kayak with a Wolf Ridge guide.  10th and 11th grade students will head to nearby Lax Lake and learn kayaking skills. 

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