Tuesday's Events

* Check-in begins at 9:00 am

Remember to bring the following items to class:

1. A lunch

2. Evening snack for Wolf Ridge

With only one day to get to know one another, we will do many activities focused on communicating and learning about each other.  

Cooperative Groups:  Your child will be placed in a mixed-age group of kids as they go to different activities.  This allows for older kids to mentor our new participants.  It also gives kids an opportunity to develop new friendships. 

Welcome & Group Activities: With only a few days before our big trip, we will do some ice breakers to help us get to know one another.

We will spend our day rotating through 4 activities:

1.  Tie-Dye Shirts

2.  Wolf Ridge class registration

3.  Insect Collection Nature Walk

4.  Spider & Wolf Ridge Trivia

5.  Anthony Aleuta Spider Presentation

Tie-Dye: We will create our shirts and bring them home. Please wear appropriate clothing.

Wolf Ridge Class Registrations: Our schedule is still in development.  We will send you a schedule update when it is completed. 

Wolf Ridge Dorm Room Requests: We have all students request friends they would like to dorm with. From these requests, we build rooms of 7-8 students.

Group lunch:  Due to our extended day together, we will break for lunch.  For lunch, we'd like you to send and ecologically friendly bag lunch using reusable packaging. 

Pot Luck Dinner:  We will have our 4th annual pot luck meal after our family night presentation. 

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