Our Staff

We are committed to making this program the best experience possible for your child.  To achieve this, we have pulled together a very strong group of teachers and parents.  This year, we have an incredible group of adults leading the way.  

Scott Stillman and Adam Barnett will again be leading our experiences. Scott just finished his 1st year as a gifted and talented coordinator at Glen Lake Elementary.  This is Scott's 18th summer leading Summer Field Biology.  Adam is a naturalist for the Three Rivers Park District located at the Richardson Nature Center.  He also offers his services at the University of Minnesota Raptor Center. 

Jeremy Hahn is returning this year with his daughter Sophia.  Jeremy teaches 4th grade at Gatewood Elementary and is an outdoor enthusiast.

Maggie Lund is joining us for her 4th year from Alice Smith Elementary.  Maggie just finished her fourth year as a 6th grade teacher. 

Jim Ikhaml is joining us for his 4th year from Gatewood Elementary where he teaches 2nd grade.  He is excited to join his daughter Curran in our exciting learning adventures.

Lauren Wester is rejoining us after a year away.  Lauren teaches science at West Jr. High.  If she's not with us, she's probably running, swimming, or biking around the cities. 

Mykenna Yesnes is joining us for her first summer up north.  Mykenna just finished her second year teaching 6th grade at Alice Smith Elementary.  

Sara Waterman is one of our lead parent chaperones on staff.  This is Sara's 6th year with our program and has stated she will come as long as the program is running.

Doobie Kurus will be joining us for his second year with our program.  This year, he's bringing all of his girls (Emma, Jessie, and Joey) up north for the Wolf Ridge experience. 

Ben Johnson and Steven Barnier are joining us before heading out for college.  They have attended summer field biology for many years and are excited to join us as adult chaperones.

Last modified: Friday, 15 June 2018, 2:36 PM