Meet Mrs. Silus

Jen Silus

Welcome to my site!


I started teaching at Alice Smith in 2008, although I have been teaching in the Hopkins School District since 1997. Boy does time fly! Before coming to Alice Smith I taught at West Junior High and the High School. At the High School I taught Graphic Design and entry level Drawing, Painting and Ceramics.


 If you would like to see the kids in action-- I love parent volunteers when we are working with clay or paint. I also could use help hanging art and putting warp threads on looms. Your child has art once a week on their digital day. Please email me with your teacher's name if you would like to volunteer.

When I have time to make art I like to work with watercolors and mixed media paintings. I have two middle school children that keep life busy at home! 

Feel free to email me at!

Mrs Silus



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