My Reading Identity Assignment

Personal Reading Timeline

Create your own personal reading timeline. This project allows you to reflect on yourself as a reader and to create a timeline of the books and experiences that have shaped you as a reader. Think back… Be thoughtful. We know it may not all be rainbows and unicorns! It’s the triumphs AND the struggles that have gotten us to where we are as readers today. 

Create your timeline in whatever format you like. Include book covers, drawings, notes, explanations… glitter, if you need it! Use all the things you need to tell the story of your reading journey.


  • Include at least 8 timeline points that have impacted your reading life. For each timeline point, include

    • Estimated Date/Age

    • An image (book cover, symbol, etc)

    • Text about how the the book/experience impacted your reading journey

  • Include a paragraph reflection about your timeline (What did you learn about yourself as a reader by creating your timeline? What experiences have been the most influential in your reading life? How were you encouraged and discouraged to become a reader? How can you use this activity and experience with your students?)

  • Post your timeline and reflection paragraph to this google slide show. Take a look at your colleagues’ timelines, too. Feel free to make comments and connections with your fellow Royal Readers in the speaker notes (make sure to say who you are)!

Reading Timeline Samples

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