Introducing our Amazing Guest Speakers

We will be joined by three amazing speakers from the University of Minnesota. 

Anthony Aleuta is currently is a PhD candidate in the department of Entomology.  He is an arachnologist, neurobiologist, and science educator.  He first learned to love spiders in first grade when his teacher adopted neighborhood spiders as their classroom pets.  Anthony loves presenting to people of all ages from preschoolers to nursing home patients.  He loves the world of spiders and is very excited to present his knowledge to our group. 

Michelle Vohs is currently a research scientist in the Native Bee Lab at the University of Minnesota Department of Entomology. Michelle graduated from Hopkins High School in 2013, after which she enrolled in the Conservation Biology undergraduate program at the U. She graduated with her B.S. in Conservation Biology in 2017, with a minor in Entomology. Michelle currently works on conservation of native bee habitat in MN prairies, but is broadly interested in all invertebrates (including spiders!).

Zoe Harvey graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2017 as well, with a B.S. in Technical Writing & Communication and a minor in Entomology. During her time at the U, she worked in the spider lab, assisting with care & maintenance of their live wolf spiders and bark scorpions. Zoe currently works as a digital marketing specialist and writer in Minneapolis, but she hasn't abandoned her love on insects & spiders, and continues to look for and learn more about them in her free time. 

Last modified: Wednesday, 13 June 2018, 9:38 PM