1. Go to:  Hopkins Apps, click on "Calendar"
  2. First time using calendar, click “Got it”
  3. Viewing options:  Day, Week, Month
  4. Agenda – will give you a list of what you have entered by the day
  5. More then 2 entries on a day:  If more than 2 entries, it will say “2 more” 
  6. If you have subscribed to other calendars that clutter your calendar, go to Settings and delete the calendar you have subscribed to or someone has added you to.
  7. Projects:  If you are doing a project with that includes others, you can add the option people as a guest.
  8. To get Notifications of event: Click on "Name", "Notification", "Popup", "Edit Event" chose when you want  notifications
  9. Personal Google Calendar – you can invite from one calendar to another to link them together.

Last modified: Friday, 26 August 2016, 5:27 PM