Unidad 3: Transportes y Lugares

Estudia tu vocabulario: (Vocabulary lists, games to practice and study) 

Transportes y lugares vocabulary- transportation and places vocabulary list

¿Cómo y adónde va?- How and where do they go?- book

Frases deshechas- mixed up sentences, rearrange and re-write the sentences

Spot it- print one sided and cut apart to play "spot it" with transportes y lugares


Transportation: transportation vocabulary by Basho and Friends

Voy en avión- I go by plane

Nos vamos en avión- Let's go on a plane

Me gusta viajar- A song about traveling by different modes of transportation


El Avión: Peppa Pig plane

El Tren: Peppa Pig-train vocabulary

Bicicletas- Peppa pig- bicycles

La biblioteca- Peppa pig- the library

El coche nuevo- Peppa pig- the new car

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