Unidad 4: Insectos


Los insectos vocabulario- insects vocabulary list

Los insectos- vocabulary and hand motions for the insects vocabulary

Insectos word find- worksheet to practice insects vocabulary

¿Qué hacen los insectos?- book about what the insects do

Spot it- print one sided and cut apart to play spot it

Ta te ti- tic tac toe with insects


Las hormigas van marchando- the ants go marching

Mari mariquita- the ladybug song

Bichos- bugs with Disney junior

La mariposa vuela vuela- the insects and what they do

Los insectos (Barney el camión)- song about the insects with Barney el camión

La hormiguita- song about a little ant

Pican los mosquitos- mosquitos bite song


La Abeja- a video about where bees live and their characteristics

La Hormiga- a video about where ants live and their characteristics 

La Mariposa- a video about where butterflies live and their characteristics

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