Unidad 2: La comida

Estudia tu vocabulario: (Vocabulary lists, games to practice and study)

El vocabulario de la comida- PDF of the food vocabulary

Las frutasPronunciation video of fruits with Profe Levesque

Las verduras- Pronunciation video of vegetables with Profe Levesque

Los otros grupos de comida - Pronunciation video of dairy, proteins, and grains with Profe Levesque

Las frutas- worksheet to practice fruits

¿Qué comen y cómo están?- a book about what kids are eating and how they feel

Canciones: (Songs)

A mi me gusta la fruta- I like fruit

La canción de las verduras- vegetable song

Es la hora de comer- it's time to eat

Frutas y verduras aventuras (Pon)- Put fruits and vegetables in your adventures

La canción de las frutas- fruits song

El baile de la ensalada- the salad dance

Las verduras (los pimpollos)- vegetable song with los pimpollos

Videos: (Videos)

Huevos verdes con jamón por Dr. Seuss- Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess

La Comida: a video about vegetables Peppa the pig

El día de la Fruta: a video about Peppe the pig and fruit

¿Qué comen los animales?: a video to discuss what the animals eat

Juegos: (Online games)

Vegetable patterns - practice the vegetables with patterns

Food vocab game- practice food vocab

*** Please be aware that these songs and videos are on youtube.  There may be commercials and pictures that we can't control. ***

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