Why Read?

Engaged silent reading plays a crucial role in education. When students are
motivated to read to answer their questions of curiosity, to extend their thinking, to make deeper connections among and between texts and topics, they are empowered as learners.

Engaged reading provides students with skills and practice to become knowledgeable and informed. This process of learning is exactly what they need to prepare them to be active citizens and to contribute in meaningful ways to society. Everyone needs an opportunity to practice the skills necessary for participation in future endeavors. Just like student teaching empowers pre-service teachers, the internship awakens the developing physician, disciplined practice helps perfect the focus of the Olympic athlete, and credits from stage experiences give backbone to a theater candidate.

Engaged silent reading is the enculturation into a knowing society. The culture of literacy in the United States and throughout the world enables the youth to become information processors and self-determining participants in a global society.

Engaged silent reading fosters acquisition of the questions of why, who, when, and what of reading. From guided lessons, students learn the how. But active, purposeful, engaged silent reading employs and embraces skills in purposeful quests for knowledge and social participation.


Last modified: Friday, 7 June 2013, 9:58 PM