What happens with my clay project?

Why can't I take my clay home today?

Each grade level at Meadowbrook is able to do a clay project. With clay comes patience. When a clay project is done, it needs to dry out and then it is fired in a kiln. After it is fired the clay will look white instead of grey. It is also much stronger.  Before the clay is fired, it is called greenware. After it has been fired once it is called bisqueware.  Clay needs to be fired one time before you can glaze it. After is it painted with glaze it is fired one more time. Now it is called glazeware.
Below you will see: Greenware Masks  (never fired) , A Bisqueware Toad house (fired once), and A bowl that has been glazed and fired.

greenware       house   glazed bowl

This is what a kiln looks like. The lid was lifted after a glaze firing.The kiln is filled with clay pieces and shelves are built up with stilts to create just the right amount of room for the size projects that are being fired. If very large projects are created, it takes a long time to fire all the pieces.

 full    inside kiln   


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