Book Discussion 3: Analysis of Solutions

IB Process

ALT and Criterion:

In order to analyse a range of existing products that inspire a solution to the problem (A.iii), participants must be able to compare conceptual understanding across multiple subject groups and disciplines (transfer).

In order to develop a detailed design brief, which summarizes the analysis of relevant research (A.iv), participants must be able to draw reasonable conclusions and generalizations (critical-thinking). 

Conceptual— How will teacher development of evidence-based practices suggested in your book lead to systemic change?



1. What evidence-based practices does your book offer as solutions to the systemic problem analyzed in Module 2?

2. When and under what circumstances would these strategies be appropriate in your context? 

3. Comment on one or more group member's posting: Where do you see crossover in strategies between your book and theirs? Where might they diverge?