Inductive Logic

Inductive Fallacy Assignment

Identify which inductive fallacy each statement represents.

Hasty, Forgetful, Slothful

Explain your reasoning

  1. I asked eight of my coworkers what they thought of the new manufacturing rules, and they all thought they are a bad idea. The new rules are generally unpopular.
  2. That new police drama is a really well done show. All police dramas are great shows.
  3. Omar threw the ball from left field to the second baseman, and he made an incredible double play. Whenever Omar gets the ball, he should throw it to the second baseman.
  4. I took three echinacea tablets every day when my cold started. Within a week, my cold was gone, thanks to the echinacea.
  5. I wanted to do well on the test, so I used my lucky pen. It worked again! I got an A.
  6. Hugo has had twelve accidents in the last six months, yet he insists that it is just a coincidence and not his fault.
  7. Last night I had a dream that there was a car accident in my town. When I read the paper this morning, I found out a car accident did happen last night. My dreams predict the future.
  8. Jay Leno is famous. He is also on television frequently. Jay Leno is famous because he is on television frequently.
  9. I didn't wash dishes all week. My dirty dishes started to grow mold. If I don't want mold growing on my dishes, I should wash them.
  10. The polygamist has had twelve wives for twelve years but no children. Says he, “I just can’t imagine what is wrong with all those women!”
  11. My boss really liked the work I did on my latest project. I didn't work as hard on the project as I usually do. In order to make my boss happy, I shouldn't work as hard as I usually do.
  12. Your grades went down this semester. You joined a study group this semester. Your grades went down because you joined the study group.
  13. Sven is visiting the United States on vacation. He goes into a bank to exchange money, and is surprised to find he is the only one in line. That night, he e-mails his family, "Banking is so much faster in America. You can go into any bank and never have to wait in line."
  14. Bill is assigned by his editor to determine what most Americans think about a new law that will place a federal tax on all modems and computers purchased. The revenues from the tax will be used to enforce new online decency laws. Bill, being technically inclined, decides to use an email poll. In his poll, 95% of those surveyed opposed the tax. Bill was quite surprised when 65% of all Americans voted for the taxes.
  15. The United Pacifists of America decide to run a poll to determine what Americans think about guns and gun control. Jane is assigned the task of setting up the study. To save mailing costs, she includes the survey form in the group's newsletter mailing. She is very pleased to find out that 95% of those surveyed favor gun control laws and she tells her friends that the vast majority of Americans favor gun control laws.
  16. Large scale polls were taken in Florida, California, and Maine and it was found that an average of 55% of those polled spent at least fourteen days a year near the ocean. So, it can be safely concluded that 55% of all Americans spend at least fourteen days near the ocean each year.