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    School Supply List

    Meadowbrook Elementary School

    Kindergarten Supply List for 2017-2018


    Note: Do not label the items with your child’s name unless

    noted. They will be shared by all the children in the class.


    1 large backpack (big enough to fit a pocket folder and library book), with your child’s name

    1 box of 8 Crayola markers (Classic colors, washable please)
    4 large Elmer’s extra-strength glue sticks
    2 two-pocket folders with your child’s name

    1 wide ruled composition notebook (not spiral bound)
    1 box of 24 Crayola crayons

    1 fine point black permanent Sharpie marker

    1 pencil pouch for a 3-ring binder, with your child’s name
    1 yellow highlighter

    2 pink erasers
    1 Clorox/Lysol disinfecting wipes

    1 roll of paper towels
    1 large box of tissues
    1 small beach towel
    1 large cloth tote bag for winter gear, labeled with your child’s name
    $15 cash for class supplies (Place in an envelope with your child’s name on it)


    In addition to your own child’s supplies, donations of extra school supplies are always welcome in the classroom.


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      Miss Ruess

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      Anna has been teaching in the Hopkins Public Schools since 2011. 

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        Mrs. Duffy

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          Mrs. Kanter


          Mollie Kanter has been teaching in Hopkins Public Schools since 2016. Prior to coming to Hopkins, she taught kindergarten and first grade in Chicago for five years and first grade in New Orleans for one year.

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            Ms. Koloski and Mrs. Hartley



            Kristin Koloski has been teaching in the Hopkins Public Schools since 2004. She has taught a variety of grades, but has spent the most time in Kindergarten. 

            Robyn Harltey is new to kindergarten this year.  She has experience working in Hopkins schools as an LRT in 1st grade and a substitute teacher. She is very excited to be working in kindergarten!

            Mrs. Hartley



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              Mrs. Schaefer



              Lee Anne Schaefer received her B.S. in Education from St. Cloud State University and her Master"s Degree from St. Mary's University. She taught 1st grade at Meadowbrook for 3 years and 6th grade for several years in other districts.