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    Welcome to our Moodle site!
    The goal of Academic Lab - Reading (RTI:  Response to Intervention) is to help students become independent readers to maximize success in school and in life. We provide small group and individualized instruction in vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.  We expect students to pursue their own reading interests both in and out of class.  Students should have a book for independent reading each day in class.  All assignments are completed in the classroom.
    We meet every other day for 40 minutes.  We look forward to helping your student become a better reader!
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      Here's what going on in Academic Literacy - reading.  Click on the link and scroll through to find today's lesson and learning target.

    • Answering text dependent questions

      Good thinkers and readers are able to answer text dependent questions with evidence from their reading.  Here are some sample questions from LightSail that demonstrate answers that don't yet meet standards and answers that do.  We're teaching students to analyze questions so they know what the question is asking and then to provide evidence from the text to support their ideas.