• Coping skills

    At times, we all need to learn to adapt to change, or we need assistance with stress of the day, or we simply need a way to calm our minds after a transition. Mindfulness can be useful in those situations and more! Click the link below to learn why it is useful to begin flexing our brain muscle!


    Mindfulness is a super power

    Mindfulness Tips...

    • Take a short break from whatever you’re doing —look at something different. NOTICE it!

    • Practice looking for small moments of beauty or kindness --Focusing on the positive will strengthen your ability to turn your attention away from worries.

    • Search for and comment on the positive qualities and actions of others. 

    • Develop a habit of exercising — to make it easier to relax and to recover from stress. 

    • ​Remember that habits can be hard to form, and change takes time. Try to be persistent with your mindfulness practices, but don’t beat yourself up if you slip and find yourself getting stressed. Just keep trying.

                                                                                         Usable Minute 

    Check out the following Mindfulness Apps :

    Calm----also offers many features, may be better suited for older students and adults

    Insight Timer--a lot of intricate features

    Smiling Mind--so many possible approaches, targets students by age, includes educator options providing lessons for age groups

    Headspace--very user friendly! Many students are familiar with this app

    Counseling, Crisis, and Other Resources