• Welcome to the Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Book Club! In this course, we will engage in inquiry around how evidence-based practices can lead to systemic change, equitable outcomes, and hopeful futures for all students. Our work will allow us to closely examine one text of our choosing while participating in dialogue with colleagues around the central inquiry. The culmination of our inquiry will be the creation of an actionable plan that can inform your teaching and curriculum planning for next school year. Additionally, this course is designed using the IB framework, so we will make the planning and instructional process visible through metacognitive discussions along the way.

    IB Unit Roadmap

    Statement of Inquiry: Development of evidence-based practices, with emphasis on all students, leads to systemic change, equitable outcomes, and hopeful futures

    Factual: According to your book, what do equitable outcomes for all students look like? What does imagining hopeful futures mean to the diverse students in Hopkins?

    Conceptual: How will teacher development of evidence-based practices suggested in your book lead to systemic change?

    Debatable: Could my development of evidence-based practices create systemic change in a way that helps all students imagine hopeful futures?

    Here's how to get the most out of our virtual time together this summer:

    1. Keep students and their learning at the center of our inquiry.
    2. Read carefully through module 1 for specifics on how the course will run and what's expected (kind of like the course syllabus).
    3. Modules will be available one at a time throughout the course. Each module will open on the first date listed on the calendar.
    4. Each module includes 2 separate discussions: Book Discussions on the text (with small groups) and Meta Discussions (in the large group) on the IB inquiry process we're modeling throughout the course. 

    Have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to Lynzie or Amber for answers.

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