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    We're glad you're here. This Moodle page is primarily for you. Most student materials for NU School are distributed and collected via Google Classroom - ask your child to show you!

    A brief orientation to what you can find here:

    • Below you'll see broad topics for more information - click on the gray block to open it and see the goodies inside. :)
    • In "Information for Parents" you'll find links to parent newsletters and embedded slides showing our rough daily process, with the caveat that we adapt as we go through each day to respond to student and group learning needs.
    • If you'd like more information or think we're missing something we could share, please email Ms. Hahn or Mr. Dickens!

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    Social-Emotional Learning Resources

    The Future of Education Depends on Social Emotional Learning: Here’s Why

    This article published by Edsurge, and educational technology company, identified by the Brookings Institution as one of the world's 16 leading "innovation spotters" in education.

    Social and Emotional Learning in Middle and High School

    This article outlines the importance of Social Emotional Learning in middle and high schools