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    Palm Reader Brainstorming Worksheet

    Palm Reader Rubric

    Description: Students will illustrate a design that somehow tells a story about, or symbolizes their life. This illustration will be created within the outline of their hand print.

    Vocabulary: Direct Symbolism. Indirect Symbolism, Open Composition, Closed Composition, Craftsmanship, Stippling, Cross Hatching, Hatching


    Palm Reader Requirements:

    • open & closed composition

    • stay within the outline of the hand

    • fill the entire space (show quality)

    • include at least 4 different illustrations

    • connect, intertwine, overlap

    • uniquely represent you as a person  


    • vary the sizes of symbols (big/small)

    • show direct & indirect symbolism

    Skills Focus:

    • Composition

    • Craftsmanship (Clean lines, solid coloring, shading techniques, etc)

    • Contrast


Elements of Art