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    Palm Project

    Palm Reader 

    Description: Students will illustrate a design that somehow tells a story about, or symbolizes their life. This illustration will be created within the outline of their hand print.

    Vocabulary: Direct Symbolism. Indirect Symbolism, Open Composition, Closed Composition, Craftsmanship, Stippling, Cross Hatching, Hatching

    Formative Checklist:

    • Direct and Indirect Symbolism Worksheet

    • Creativity Exercise Worksheet

    • Open and Closed Composition Worksheet

    • About Me Brainstorming

    • Sketchbook #1


    Final Palm (Developing Skills)

    Final Palm Statement (Knowing and Understanding)


    Palm Reader Requirements:

    • open & closed composition

    • stay within the outline of the hand

    • fill the entire space (show quality)

    • include at least 4 different illustrations

    • connect, intertwine, overlap

    • uniquely represent you as a person  


    • vary the sizes of symbols (big/small)

    • show direct & indirect symbolism

    Skills Focus:

    • Composition

    • Craftsmanship (Clean lines, solid coloring, shading techniques, etc)

    • Contrast


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      Elements of Art


      Formative Assessments:

      Elements of Art Notes

      The elements of art are the basic components of art-marking. It is impossible to create a work of art without using at least one of the seven elements of art. In order to be successful in art creation, an artist must be able to intelligently use the elements of art. Artwork can also be analyzed according to the use of the elements in a work of art.

      Throughout the entire year we will be addressing different elements and principles it is your responsibility to turn in your packet at the end of each semester.

      Elements of Art Practice Test

      Notan Design

      Paper Relief Practice:

      Relief sculpture is an art form that is midway between painting and sculpture in the round. It is a process in which the subject stands out or projects a surface from the background. The surface can be several levels including high relief (deep or almost in the round) or low relief (shallow) or anywhere in between.

      Summative Assessments:

      Elements of Art Test

      Paper Relief Sculpture

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        Drawing Unit

        Drawing Unit

        In this unit, students will engage in various drawing techniques and strategies to demonstrate shading, perspective, proportion and blending. 

        Related image

        Formative Assessments: 

        • Vocabulary Worksheet
        • Upside Down Drawing
        • Practice Sketches
        • Practice Test
        • Alphanumeric Grid Set Up

        Summative Assessments:

        • One-Point Perspective/Value Drawing
        • Drawing Vocabulary Test
        • Alphanumeric Grid Drawing

        Drawing Unit Practice Test

         Vocabulary Link

        Alphanumeric Grid

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          Graffiti Unit

          Graffiti Unit


          Formative Assessments:

          • Graffiti Bunny
          • Graffiti Peace/Name Drawing
          • Brainstorming packet
          • Artist Analysis
          • Social Commentary Worksheet

          Summative Assessment:

          Realistic vs. Graffiti Project

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            Clay Unit

          • View only 'Topic 6'

            Color Theory Unit

            Color Theory


            Formative Assessments:

            • Practice Color Wheel
            • Zentangle Sketchbook Assignment 
            • Color Theory Vocabulary
            • Romero Britto Sketches/Planning

            Summative Assessments

            • Color Theory Test
            • Final Britto Painting

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              Monogram/Logo Unit

              Monogram/Logo Unit


              Formative Assessments: 

              • Word Art
              • My Name is... (worksheet)
              • Monogram/Logo Brainstorming

              Summative Assessment:

              Final Monogram/Logo Print

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                Oaxacan Alebrije

                Oxacan Alberije - Plaster Sculpture


                Formative Assessments:

                Folk Art Exploration

                Animal Choices and Reasoning

                Alebrije Form

                Summative Assessments:

                Final Artist Statement