• Objective: In this exploration, you will explore the Seesaw app, which can be used as a portfolio for students. In addition, this app has a parent component where parents can subscribe through the Parent Seesaw app to access their student work.
    You will learn about:
    • The Seesaw App and how it works
    • The Parent Seesaw App and how parents access it
    • How anything that can go in the photo roll (other apps) on an iPad can be added to the Seesaw App.

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      Seesaw: The Learning Journal in the Classroom

      Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students (as young as 5!) to independently create, capture, and store artifacts (photos, videos, drawings, or notes) of learning. Add All Types of Student Work

      This is a free app! Teachers can create a class to easily collect and organize work all in one place. Work can be viewed by parents or teachers through an app or the web.

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      Seesaw: The Learning Journal and the Parent App

      The Parent Seesaw app provides parents access to their child’s journal. It is available for free in the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Parents can also receive SMS or email notifications, or access their child’s journal on the Seesaw website. There are free and paid versions of the parent account.

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      Seesaw and the Real Potential...Appsmashing

      Seesaw is great by itself, but the real potential can be used in combining other apps with Seesaw. Think, anything that can go in the camera roll, can be shared through Seesaw.
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      educreationsEducreations is a recordable interactive whiteboard that captures your voice and handwriting to create videos that are stored online. When logged in, you can view the videos from your ipad or through the Educreations website.

      Pros- Great tool that you are able to write, illustrate, add text, narrate, and draw or move objects while you are recording. You have the option to change the background to lined or graph paper options. It also gets saved to a URL for easy sharing of work. It is a free account. Grades 4 and higher should create their own account and use the 'class code'

      Cons- Only one project can be in progress at a time. Once a project is "Done" it cannot be edited. If you want work shared or saved, there needs to be an account created for the work to be saved to. Could be a teacher logs into all classroom iPads and is just always saved.

      *Videos created can also be embedded to Moodle pages and Google Sites or shared with families

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