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    Some linked songs and videos may be on YouTube, which contains commercials and images we can not control.

    Thanks for visiting my classroom music page! Students at Eisenhower Elementary in grades K-2 and students at XinXing Academy in Kindergarten or Second grade have music with me twice a week. Below is a short summary of what each class is working on. All music expectations reflect national and state standards.

    In Kindergarten, students are working on steady beat, singing songs from memory and on pitch, and improvising movement with songs and stories. Summary grades are determined each semester for skills and participation through success in music activities and assessments.

    In First grade, students are learning to read and write eighth notes, quarter notes and rests, continuing to sing songs from memory with a focus on singing and recognizing La-Sol-Mi based melodies with accurate pitch and experimenting with a number of classroom instruments.

    Second graders are working on half notes and rests, Mi-Re-Do melodies, and accompanying themselves with classroom instruments. In addition, second graders are exploring movement and dance.

    Please email me using the information on this page if you have any questions about classroom music.

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