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    Welcome to

      Mrs. Nalezny's First Grade

    Welcome to my 1st grade class moodle page.  I will use this page to communicate with you about what is occurring in the classroom and what technology resources you may access with your child to enhance his/her learning. Room 100 is a class of fabulous children and I am happy to be their teacher.  Our class motto is: "Today is a great day to learn something new!"

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    Kindness in the Classroom


    These videos are used to talk about how our kind actions affect others in the classroom, family, community and world. 

    • Scholastic

      Scholastic Book Orders

      I will send home paper book order forms roughly every two months with students, however on-line book orders are always welcome as well.  

      Our class activation code is NFTWT. Click here to go to Scholastic Books.  

      If you order on-line, I will receive a notification and will complete the order.  I will send books home with your child when I receive them.

      Our classroom receives points for all books ordered which I them use to help enlarge our classroom library.  Thank you for your purchases.

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        V.I.P. (Very Important Person)

        I will  send home two sheets of paper the Monday before your child is the VIP to be filled out and brought back to school the next week.  If you want to know farther in advanced and have lost the sheet with the information, send me an e-mail and I can tell you when your child is scheduled for this important week.

        • Growth Mindset

          The Importance of Growth Mindsets

          Here are videos about perseverance and the importance of resilience in learning.  

          This year I will spend a significant amount of time teaching the children about the importance of having growth mindsets.  A growth mindset is the belief that an individual can learn more and build neural connections in his/her brain through repeated practice and exposure to an idea.

          Mary Cay Ricci, the author of Mindsets in the Classroom, writes:

          "One way that parents can really help their children is by carefully choosing the words that are used when they praise them. Every word parents say and action they perform sends a message to their children. These words and actions tell children how to think about themselves. Parents should always praise their child's effort instead of praising accomplishments (pp. 163-164)."

          She goes on to suggest statements to make:

          Instead of saying, "You are so smart!" Say, "You work hard in school and it shows!"

          Instead of saying, "You are a great athlete!" Say, "Keep practicing and you will see great results!"

        • Honeybees

          Students are researching honeybees this spring.  Below is a TED talk that does a fabulous job describing the first 21 days in the life of a honeybee.