• Art & Design Studio 8

    Art & Design Studio-8th grade

    Denise Swanson, Instructor

    Art Department

    Hopkins North Junior High School


    Ph. 952.988.4833


    Rm 510 (North)

    Office Hours:

    North: before school &

    after school

    Course Goals or Guiding Questions (as related to MN VISUAL ARTS STATE STANDARDS)

    • Strand 1: Artistic Foundations

    • Strand 2: Artistic Process: Create or Make

    • Strand 3: Artistic Process: Perform or Present

    • Strand 4: Artistic Process: Respond or Critique

    The foundation of the visual arts 7th & 8th grade curriculum is a strong emphasis on the elements and principles of art and design. This class is designed as a bridge between the elementary and the high school experience providing students with challenging, relevant, and fun lessons. Students will explore art in its many dimensions through studio projects, historical inquiry, art criticism, and aesthetics. During this time, they will develop creative problem-solving skills and self-evaluation, while building a deeper understanding of art processes, techniques, and visual culture. All students will create a sketchbook of their work throughout the class, as well as many final studio projects.

    General Course information:

    Elements of Art