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  • General

    Glen Lake & Gatewood
    Elementary Art

    GL students painting weather mural 2016 

    Glen Lake Grizzly STEAM Weather Mural and Phases of Moon Garden Mural-- 5th and 6th students designed and painted; Spring Arts Show encouragement tagging; "Clay for Lunch with Ms. G", Carnival Raffle Winners; HHS Women United group engages 6th grade girls' talents with inspirational restroom paintings

    Art Specialist: Laura Grant


    Phone: 952-988-5182

  • Art Displays

      (left) 2016 Youth Art Month  

    (below) GL Spring Arts Festival


    Students at Glen Lake have several ways to showcase their art. 

    • YAM (Youth Art Month)  is at the Hopkins Center for the Arts and happens in March.
      Glen Lake sends about 20 works of art for the show.
    • The Spring Arts Festival is May 4th, 2017
      Every student at Glen Lake is represented in the Spring Arts Festival
    • Board Room Display. Glen Lake typically has 10 works of art in
      the Board Room from January to March.
    • Glen Lake displays student's art work in the hallways of the school year round.