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    L.H. Tanglen Elementary Art

    You and your ideas are always welcome here!


    Art Specialist: Renee Canales


      Lessons by Grade Level

      Please find your student's current grade level below and click on the link. You will find descriptions and sample images of the artwork that your student will be creating this year!


      Tanglen Tigers Behavior Expectations

      Here at L.H. Tanglen, we believe all of our students can work together to create a welcoming community. Teachers hold students to high standards and we stick to the PAWS pride goals:

      P-Practice Safety

      A-Accept Responsibility

      W-Work at our Best

      S-Show Respect

      Though specialist classes such as visual art are generally considered fun and creatively stimulating for students, they can actually be a difficult time in your child's day. The class structure is always changing due to the wide span of activities involved, and our experience together includes a great deal of transitions in a short amount of time.

      Please support your student in remembering the PAWS Pride expectations throughout their entire school day!


        March is Youth Art Month

        Every March, student artists in the Hopkins district are celebrated! Each art specialist makes the difficult decision to curate a small portion of the artwork produced by their students for display at the Hopkins Center for the Arts. We select artwork that both supports the curriculum goals of our district and shows the unique artistic styles of our students.

        Click the link below to visit the Hopkins Center for the Arts' Youth Art Month webpage for more information:

        Artwork in the Halls

        Here at Tanglen, the student artwork on display is ever changing. As we continue to build our project portfolios, watch for artwork from all grade levels in our halls and a few framed works in the main office! Along with each project that is on display, you will notice the curriculum goals that the students have accomplished. It's great to know that your child is not only expressing her/himself, but learning life skills along the way!

        District Display Case

        Every year, several of our Tanglen artists will be featured in a display case at the Hopkins District Offices. This is part of an effort to show the importance and excellence of our Hopkins visual art programs!


          Culture Night

          Culture night has come and gone at L.H. Tanglen, and our students had a blast. Each student worked at their best during art class to trace, cut, and glue the shape of their hand, and then they filled it out with information on their heritage at home. The end result was a colorful success!

          African American History Month

          February is National African American History Month, and Tanglen students will be using their artistic talents to create several collaborative portraits of important historical figures! Keep an eye out for these portraits in our building.

          Empty Bowls Event

          Our generous 4th graders  learned about the Empty Bowls initiative to help our local food shelf. Students then collaboratively hand-built and glazed coil pots to sell for the event. Soon we will be packaging them for sale at the Hopkins Center for the Arts! You can learn more about the event and how to support our 4th graders' efforts by following the link below: