• Welcome to Orchestra!

    General info for parents: 

    Attendance: I will have a small check-in task that students will have to complete each class day to be marked “present” in attendance. This task will be posted on our Google Classroom page.

    Office hours: I will have office hours by appointment and Friday afternoons beginning, April 17th at the following times:

    • NJH 7th gr: 10-10:30, 8th gr: 10:30-11, 9th gr: 11-11:30

    • WJH 7th gr: 11:30-12, 8th gr: 12-12:30, 9th gr: 12:30-1pm

     All assignments will be submitted & graded on Google Classroom.

    7th grade assignments:

    8th grade assignments:

    9th grade assignments:

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