Topic Name Description
Topic 2 URL Hopkins School District
URL Alice Smith Websight
This link will send you to the Alice Smith websight.
URL Alice Smith Curriculum Links
This link will connect you to the students sites at Alice Smith Elementary.
URL Class Link Login Directions

Directions to get logged back into class link if it's been updated and you are logged out.

URL Logging into Google Classroom
Topic 3 URL Book Adventure
URL Accelerated Reader Book Finder
A link the accelerated reader web site that helps students find books at their reading level and in their area of interests.
MCA Practice URL MCA Reading Sampler
URL MCA Math Sampler-Audio
Topic 5 URL EPIC
URL Hour of Code

Engaging computer activity for students.

URL I Know it- Math
URL Seesaw

Login for seesaw.

URL Dictionary
Topic 6 URL Read Works for Students
URL Read Theory

The login for Read Theory.


Synonym and Antonyms.


Synonyms and Antonyms

URL Newsela
Code to join the class: RVQW4K
Topic 7 URL Geoboards
URL Everyday Math Games
URL Prodigy Math Game

math practice game site for kids.

URL Khan Academy-Math Practice
URL Math Practice-Sheppard Software

Math games and activities to practice math skills.

URL Math Playground
A math website with a variety of games in basic facts and higher level math thinking.
URL Drag and Drop Math

Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

URL Khan Academy- Lattice Multiplication (Gelosia/Chinese Method)

Lattice Method of Multiplication.

URL Vedic Math Trick- Multiplication Using Lines
URL Traditional (Long) Multiplication Method
URL Area (Box) Method of Multiplication
URL Area Model- Khan Academy
URL Multiplication Practice-
URL Mayan Math Monster (Multiplication)
URL Math Flashcards
This sight provides fact practice using flashcards.
URL Timed Fact Practice
This web sight offers a timed game for practicing math facts.
URL Math Fact Games/Worksheets
This web sight offers games, flashcards, and worksheets for students to use in math fact practice.
URL Xtra Math

Xtra math is a math fact practice sight. Students who use this sight at school should have received a password from their classroom teacher.

URL Multiplication/Division Word Problems-Math Playground
Topic 8 URL Quizlet- Southeast Name the State
URL Games to Practice States and Capitals
This web sight offers fun games to help students with learning their state capitals and locations.
URL Name the States

Practice identifying the states.

URL Map Skills Practice

Map quiz site for states and capitals practice.

URL United States Practice- States and Capitals
URL Capital Catch

Practice states and capitals match.

URL 50 States Songs by Region
URL State Reports- United States Interactive Map

Click on the state to learn more about it.

Topic 9 URL Foss Resource for Families