“All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts…"

–William Shakespeare

We all have stories to tell, and Drama 7/8 is a course that honors that human need in creative, whimsical, serious, and deep ways.  

Studying the literature and performances of others--both professional and amateur--students will explore the power of words and their expression through reading, writing, and speaking.

Inspired by these art forms, young thespians will participate in a variety of experiences, which may include: storytelling (both written and spoken), improvisation, and script performance, all culminating in a full-class production.  

The “stages” of this course encompass everything from the classroom to the theater, and our audiences will range from crowds, to small groups, to partners, to self.

“Entrances and exits” are just two of the theater skills we will analyze and practice, as props, costumes, lighting, sound, and set design are also critical elements of dramatic performances.

Indeed, “one player will have many parts,” and this course provides multiple opportunities to feel the spotlight and to celebrate the bond that imaginative language and inventive productions bring.