AP Biology is designed to be equivalent to a college or university freshman Biology course in format and rigor. The textbook is Biology (most recent edition) by Campbell and Reece. The course is divided into three theme areas: Biochemistry, Genetics and Evolution, and Structure and Function of Plants and Animals. Interwoven throughout these three themes are basic concepts of: the scientific method, order, the genetic code, relationship of form and function, evolution of populations, unity amidst diversity, relationships between similar and dissimilar organisms and their abiotic environment, and the effect of scientific advances on society. Outside reading in Science and Nature is expected so the students can be as current as possible in the knowledge of recent advances in Biology. While the goal of the course may be to help prepare students for the AP exam, the purpose of the course is to incite a fire of curiosity within the hearts and minds of the students that causes them to look differently at the world around them, asking questions about why life works as it does, and then designing experiments to answer those questions.