XinXing is Hopkins Public Schools' premier Chinese immersion program.The elementary program, XinXing Academy, is housed at Eisenhower Elementary (K-6). The Hopkins District is committed to providing immersion courses for students every year, at every level through grade 12. In 2014-15, XinXing students will transition to our Chinese immersion continuation program at Hopkins West Junior High (grades 7-9) and at Hopkins High School (grades 10-12) in 2016-17.

Welcome to 6th grade at Eisenhower Elementary! You are going to learn a lot of great things this year.

The Sixth Grade Technology course is designed to help teach different technology skills to sixth grade students. The class is broken up into seven units that were developed to follow the Hopkins Public Schools technology standards. Students are taught technology etiquette as well as rules and regulations before they turn on the computer for the first time. Other units include keyboarding, video production, data base, spreadsheets, research, and presentation. The expectation is that students will use the knowledge from this course to enhance their secondary education in junior high and high school.

This page is created as a communication device to home for our Eisenhower sixth grade families. It can also be used as a safe link for students at school to find teacher directed activities.