Learning guitar is easy and fun in this energetic and fast-paced classroom environment. Guitar 1 is designed to give students basic guitar proficiency. As students progress through the rhythm guitar unit (basic chord playing techniques), they will have the opportunity to learn open chords and progressions,as well as power chords and bass playing. A week long study of the Blues will have students playing along with the greats like Clapton, Ray-Vaughn, and MuddyWaters. In addition, students will learn basic music notation and guitar TAB.

Being in choir allows students to experience the fun and joy of singing with a group of people wanting to be in choir. Emphasis is placed on singing music, developing skills in singing and music reading, and studying related musical and historical events. Performances include school concerts, conference festivals and choral contests.

Kantorei is a choir comprised of men and women interested in learning how to sing as a choir. This choir will focus on pitch, rhythm, sight reading,
tone quality, musicianship, and other vocal skills. Performances include four school concerts a year, conference festivals, contests, and various educational projects. Music selection will include a variety of styles, genres, and historical time periods

Ever wonder how video game sound effects, music tracks, and dialog tracks are created, produced and recorded? Or how voices are synced to animation tracks? Ho do top Hip Hop artists create new beats and make millions each year by creating and selling remixes of other artist’s work? Is it possible to sample an MP3 file off Youtube and embed it into your musical composition? What would it be like to mix and master another artist’s work? How can I make my voice sound its best on an audio recording? You will learn this and much more through a variety of real life, hands-on project applications.

Students will begin by learning the basics of Apple’s innovative, all in one digital music studio Garage Band 2011. During the course students will be exposed to the art of beat making, remixing, sampling, live recording, and sound manipulation. Students will begin initial discovery in the concepts of arranging, mixing, mastering, and creating loops. The curriculum includes at least one free composition assignment that allows students to compose what they want within the confines of a given musical structure.
Throughout the course students will be presented with the opportunity to learn basic piano keyboard skills. ActivBoard technology will allow students to share their projects with the class for additional critique. Music background is not necessary for students to use this program or to be successful in this class.

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