The purpose of Hopkins’ Reading Intervention 9 program is to accelerate the learning of students who are not at grade level in reading or who score below the proficient level on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment and/or the Measure of Academic Progress Assessment.  Please ask Ms. Speicher for the enrollment key.

Course Description: Reading in the Secondary Schools provides the sophisticated reading skills instruction students need to be successful beyond junior high. Students will use comprehension strategies to understand increasingly challenging text, and learn to identify informational text structures, and genres of fiction. A study of Greek and Latin roots accelerates vocabulary development. Cornell note-taking, text annotation, and Socratic discussion are among the high-level thinking practices and student skills taught, along with test preparation strategies for the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment. Finally, students participate in an individualized independent reading program, sharing reading electronically, and in reading conferences where teachers evaluate students’ comprehension and provide suggestions for book selection.