This course is an introduction to chemistry and physics. Students will study; properties of matter, the periodic table, types of chemical reactions, writing and balancing equations, force and motion, and types of energy.

Earth Science is designed to improve your understanding of earth science processes, increase your awareness of environmental issues, and help you develop an appreciation for the natural environment through inquiry-based labs, technology, and current research. In this course we will examine the major divisions of earth science, including geology, meteorology, astronomy, and hydrology, and how humans interact with these earth systems. Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to develop both scientific and critical thinking skills. Furthermore, you will develop your individual ability to inquire, explain, predict, and make informed decisions—invaluable skills in answering questions about Earth

Do you enjoy shows like CSI, NCIS, or Law & Order? This is the course for you! Forensic science is the application of science to criminal and civil laws that are enforced by police agencies in the criminal justice system. This course will cover a variety of topics relating to what police find at a crime scene, and how that evidence is analyzed and used to solve crimes. Topics may include personal identification, serology, trace evidence, forensic chemistry, and ways to evaluate the reality of media’s portrayal of forensic science.

In Life Science, you will have the opportunity to observe and connect with topics related to the living world. Creating such connections is important to consider as you become more aware of your place within the global environment. Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to develop both scientific- and critical-thinking skills.  In addition, you will develop your individual abilities to inquire, explain, predict, and make informed decisions —invaluable skills in answering questions about all life on Earth.

Physical Science is an introductory chemistry and physics course. This class is very activity based and incorporates many hands-on, inquiry-based labs. While completing labs, you will create and test hypotheses, collect and organize data, and draw conclusions from your data. This course will be aligned with Intermediate Algebra to allow you to apply mathematics in real-world contexts.