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Wear comfortable tennis shoes.
Participate to your best ability
If you can not participate that day please bring a note from home.
If you can not participate for more than one class day bring a note from your doctor

Welcome to Ms. Conrad's Moodle site. Madeline Tolkan Conrad is a full time school social worker at Alice Smith Elementary School in Hopkins. She has worked for the Hopkins School District since 1999, starting her career at Hopkins West Junior High. Ms. Conrad provides services with students with a special education label, as well as their friends in general education. She focuses on social skills, self regulation, coping and other social emotional skills that may affect their ability to learn. She provides individual, group and all school services to improve these social/emotional skills. She is also a member of the interdisciplinary team that conducts special education evaluations.

This Moodle page contains links and pages that may support families and colleagues.