Welcome to Gatewood Links, a wonderful collection of curriculum-related websites for students and staff.

This website is for students and families who speak languages other than English, attend Gatewood Elementary School, and participate in the Gatewood English Language Learning Program. It is designed to help ELL/ESL students & families practice English skills and learn more about the ELL Program at Gatewood.

Welcome to the Gifted & Talented Program at Gatewood Elementary! Program offerings and class information, as well as links for independent exploration may be found here.

Welcome to the Gatewood Counseling Moodle page. I focus on several different areas as the counselor including classroom guidance, individual counseling, group counseling and skill building, testing, student council, and equity.
Nature's Corner is a series of digital slide shows that will help students to get to know their local environment. The topics include information and photos about insects, plants, birds, trees, mammals, animal tracking, and animal homes. The programs that are appropriate for primary age students have a sound recorded segment for non readers. One of the program, called...., is about the geologic history of Minnesota. While another program is about the history (geologic, and local history) of Lake Minnetonka. In addition, Nature's Corner also has a global perspective. There are programs on whales, coral reefs, and seals. In addition to the programs there are student worksheets, in which students will read the material and respond to questions. In a world that Nature's Corner will help students connect the technological world with the natural world.