XinXing@West-Chinese 1 is a Chinese language and culture course that is specially designed for immersion students. Students will further develop their linguistic and cultural proficiency in Chinese through the study of Chinese culture, current events, history, literature and science topics. In addition, students will refine their social communication skills, preparing them to interact with Chinese speakers in a variety of real-world contexts. The secondary immersion track emphasizes the development of proficiency in all skill areas--speaking, listening, reading and writing—as students move through intermediate and into advanced levels of proficiency.

This course is specially designed for students in the XinXing@West Chinese immersion track and must be taken in conjunction with XinXing@West Chinese 1. Learn about people, issues, and events of significance to our nation’s history from 1680 to the current era of globalization. Study civics and economic principles in-depth, drawing connections between these disciplines and history to explain the impact of various policies on how people lived, worked, and functioned in society. Create and use detailed maps of places in the U.S., and conduct historical inquiry on a topic in the nation’s history. Make cross- cultural connections between events in U.S. history and events in Chinese history. To foster the goal of bi-literacy in Chinese and English, instruction for this course is conducted entirely in Mandarin Chinese, with an at-home component completed in English.