These pages are intended for students, staff, and parents that span across specific buildings.

This is Hopkins Schools’ second year with the Elementary Spanish Program also known as FLES, Foreign Language in the Elementary Schools.  The program currently serves students in kindergarten through second grade and will continue to expand yearly by grade level.   

As a program, FLES aims to deliver effective content-based instruction to students, integrating social studies, language arts, science, health, and art curriculums into our Spanish lessons.  For example, first and second grade students will begin the year studying the life and work of Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.  In addition to this content-based instruction our language teaching philosophy is rooted in the immersion model; we speak exclusively in Spanish during our classes.  Finally, we strive to integrate the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries into every unit we teach.  An example of this cultural integration is our work with the Peruvian folk-tale, El secreto de la llama.