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Getting to know Moodle

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Getting to know Moodle
by Tim Wilson - Sunday, 27 June 2004, 11:11 PM

Moodle is a powerful system with many features. Some teachers may feel intimidated by all the possibilities that Moodle presents. Fortunately, Moodle can be learned a bit at a time and introduced to a course gradually.

There are really two ways to consider incorporating Moodle into a traditional face-to-face course. The first is as an online supplement to ordinary course activities. Moodle is an excellent way to post asssignment due dates and share a few external Web links for students to browse outside of class. Not earth shaking, but useful and effective.

The second, and more revolutionary, way to incorporate Moodle is as a tool to extend the classroom and engage students in metacognitive and collaborative work. Moodle is built with a social constructivist pedagogy in mind, although it doesn't require the teacher to adapt to that model. Moodle's many collaborative and reflective tools such as the user forums, journaling, and "workshops" encourage students to reflect on their learning and engage with their classmates more deeply. For the vast majority of students, any substantive thinking about schoolwork outside of school is revolutionary.

If you'd like to learn more about Moodle, try the following links: