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Login Hints
by Terri Osland - Wednesday, 28 January 2009, 3:32 PM
Parents and Students,

question markI recently received a request to post some information regarding logging into Moodle. Many course sites are completely open to the public, but some require a student to be enrolled (or a parent to use a guest enrollment password) to access materials at a site. Most likely enrollment is required if features are used that allow students to post information (journaling, discussion forums, quizzes, etc...).

The login hotlink is in the upper right corner of the moodle homepage.

Both the username and password (elementary students' passwords are their lunch pin #) is the students' “shortname” which is the first 4 letters of the last name and then the first 4 letters of the first name (all lower case, all one word). Examples below:

* Adrien Peterson - Username and password are both: peteadri
* Britney Spears - Username and password are both: speabrit
* John Doe (3 letter lastname) - Username and password are both: doejohn

The first time a student logs into Moodle, they will be prompted to update their profile page. These 3 fields are REQUIRED: email address (if you do not have a working email address, please disable email in the field below after putting in a fake email address), city, description (can be as simple as: Hopkins Student)

Parents cannot LOG INTO or enroll in a course, but feel free to email the specific teacher to determine if there is guest access to the course site.