• Summer Field Biology Shirts

    We have great shirts ready to tie-dye on July 19.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a design.  The winning design was created by Sophia Waterman.  Please read through the washing instructions and make sure your child brings their shirt to Wolf Ridge. 

  • 2016 Wolf Ridge Schedule

    The 2016 Wolf Ridge schedule is still in development.  Due to our group size, we will have 6-7 day and evening class options for each time period.  Students will choose their classes when we are together on July 19.  If your child will be absent on July 19, please have them assign a friend to choose their classes.  We can also pull together a schedule for your child if needed. 
  • Main events for 2016 - Celebrating our Theme "Minnesota's Creatures of the Night"

    We are excited to be exploring Minnesota's nocturnal creatures as part of our learning adventures this year.  Larry Wade will share his knowledge of animal skulls and mammal pelts to explore animal adaptations.  Adam Barnett will share his knowledge of nocturnal raptors with a live owl presentation.  Gail Buhl will share her passion of wildlife rehabilitation with a presentation on bats.  Please see below for a short bio on Gail Buhl.  During our time together, we will also tie-dye shirts, create our Wolf Ridge schedules, and learn about one another and our trip during "Family Night."

    Gail Buhl has been involved in wildlife rehabilitation and environmental education for 25 + years. She is an equal opportunity rehabilitator but has specialized in the 7 Minnesota species of bats for the last several years. Currently Gail works as the Education Program Manager for The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota. Gail has a degree in Biology from the University of Minnesota.

  • Our 2016 Staff

  • 2016 Student Roster

    We have an amazing group of 86 students spanning all grade levels.  For newcomers leaving home for the first time, this time away can be a bit unnerving. Our staff and returning students always do a great job making students feel safe and secure. We know this will be a great experience for everyone.

    Please take a look at our roster.  If your child's age or grade for the 2016-2017 school year is not accurate, please e-mail any corrections to Scott.

    Thank you!

  • Photography & Writing

    We are really hoping to add to our photo collection this year.  We look forward to sharing our photographic talents as we explore Wolf Ridge.  This year, we will continue writing about our photography with poetry and photo captions.  Larry Wade will be leading evening nature photography and writing hikes.  We will post pictures on Twitter.  Larry will also post writing on his naturalist blog. 

    Please join us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on our travels.

    • Campfire Songs/Skits & Our 2nd Annual Amazing Race

      We are going to spend some time planning out songs and skits for our Thursday night camp fire.  If you have time this summer to practice an instrument or plan a skit, we would love to watch what you create. 

      We will also be holding our 2nd annual Wolf Ridge Amazing Race.  On Wednesday night, we will challenge each cooperative group with activities throughout the Wolf Ride property.  This will include tasks such as canoeing around buoys, answering Wolf Ridge or SFB trivia, identifying rocks, and creating a flint and steel fire.  We are asking each team to develop a themed costume which still allows for full range of movement including running.  Prizes will be awarded for the best team costume, best individual costume, and best themed costume. 

      Last year, we found our Amazing Race to be a fun and safe activity which challenged each child to work as a team towards a common goal.