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Mike Petersen is a Special Education teacher at Hopkins North Junior High

English Language Arts (special services) courses focus on grade-level material while teaching to students' individual goals and objectives from their Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Wilson Reading, a multi-sensory and phonics-based approach to reading/writing is also incorporated in these classes. Students will practice fluency and comprehension through reading novels and through completing a variety of writing activities centered around the readings.

For 2014-15, I will be teaching Reading/Writing Tutorial, Language Arts and Literacy, and Self Management Skills. I will also be team teaching English 9 Blocks 4A&B. The courses include work on the Minnesota Common Core Standards for Language Arts including reading, research, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama and writing. The focus is on developing the academic skills students need in future grades. Self management skills are based on The Prepare Curriculum (Arnold P. Goldstein).

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