In Physical Education, students 7th-9th grade will experience a variety of activities depending on the amount of p.e. they choose. All 7th graders will get the core classes (Basketball, Pickleball, Swimming, La Crosse, and Soccer). All 8th graders will get the core classes ( Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Swimming, Football, and Ultimate Frisbee). 7th and 8th graders can choose PE to the Max as an elective as well. 9th graders will have either Competitive P. E. or Recreational P.E. 9th graders have the option of additional elective courses. The 7th and 8th grade core classes run a half term in length. The 9th grade runs one term.

7th and 8th grade required physical education courses have a literacy component in each 9 week program. This involves each student getting a vocabulary word that is related to physical education or health. The student is required to research the word and present their findings to the class on a specific date.