Students will begin their introduction to engineering, thinking, and planning in this course. We will begin with the concepts of design, progress through 3-view drawings, and then use these skills to create a 3-D drawing using Autodesk Inventor on the computer. You will expand your knowledge of simple machines as you design and build a Rube Goldberg machine that can transfer energy from one group to another. While studying motion, you will also design an air-powered wooden race car and a mag-lev vehicle. The class will culminate with racing the cars against each other and against time.

Multimedia Design Studio is an introductory course to the high-tech field of multimedia presentations and design software.  The focus is on software that produces web pages, screen savers, and video games.  This is one of the fastest growing  fields in the country, and this course introduces students to the skills and knowledge that can lead into computer-related careers in software engineering, networking, multimedia and web page design, and many others. Students will use design, problem- solving, time-management, math, and cooperative skills to complete the course.

You've captured an image — now what? Learn to improve your photos using Adobe Photoshop. You will shoot a variety of photos trying different composition techniques. Learn about the various settings on a camera, and how to use them to get the pictures you want. Whether you want to put together a portfolio of pictures, or learn skills to last a lifetime, this course offers a valuable opportunity for you to develop your skills in photography.

You will have the opportunity to make your own chess and checkers board, which will be the top of a wooden box containing the pieces for tic-tac-toe, cribbage, backgammon, Yahtzee, and a deck of cards. You will also construct outdoor games such as ladder ball, croquet mallets, and bean bag toss, and use them in various tournaments.